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Get ready for an adventure! Our camps are built around thrilling storylines we call quests where campers delve into the world of ninja skills, conquer thrilling obstacle courses, and participate in interactive games. Our camps offer a perfect blend of physical activity and creative exploration.

This summer, we're offering four different quests for you to choose from. Each quest is action-packed and designed to spark your imagination. Join us for an unforgettable experience and dive into the quest of your choice!


  • Dates: July 1-3 | July 15-17 | July 18-19 | July 29-31 | Aug 1-2 | Aug 5-7 | Aug 8-9 | Aug 19-21 | Aug 22-23 | Aug 26-28 | Aug 29-30      

  • Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Age Group: 6–10

  • Pricing: $80/day



Click on preferred quest to register.

  • Quest 1 is a 2-day camp that runs on July 18th, Aug 8th and Aug 29th

  • Quest 2 is a 3-day camp that runs on July 1st, July 29th and Aug 19th

  • Quest 3 is a 2-day camp that runs on Aug 1st and Aug 22nd 

  • Quest 4 is a 3-day camp that runs on July 15th, Aug 5th and Aug 26th 



  • Ninja Warrior Skills: Learn the art of balance, agility and swinging from our experienced instructors.

  • Obstacle Course Challenges: Test your limits and conquer obstacles designed to enhance strength, coordination, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Open Play Time: Explore our adventure zone freely, practicing newfound skills.

  • Arts & Crafts: Take a breather with creative activities, fostering imagination and artistic expression.



  • Attire : Our facility requires shoes on. So please make sure kids are wearing comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. 

  • Food: Please remember to pack a light snack and a nutritious lunch for your camper, as food is not provided during the camp hours.

  • Limited Availability: To ensure personalized attention, our camps are capped at 8 kids per day. 

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