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Your privacy is important to you and to us. This notice explains how we use your information and keep it safe.  Importantly, it explains the choices you can make at any time about how your information may be used. 

This notice applies to all Ninja Quest Adventures products and services. Please make sure everyone who uses your account knows they are covered by this notice. 

To better run our business, we collect information about you and your family, this can include: 

  • Account information. You give us information about yourself, such as contact information and personally identifiable information such as your phone number, email address or birthdate.  

  • Service information.  We store your session attendance history and details, including which classes you have attended and when. 

We rely on the information we collect to support our business functions and improve your experience. The support functions include:  

  • Design and deliver advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns to you and measuring their effectiveness. 

  • Use it for billing, collection, and protection of our property and legal rights. 

We do not share your information with any outside companies. We will however, if compelled, comply with court orders, subpoenas, and lawful discovery requests, and as otherwise authorized or required by law. Like all companies, we must comply with legal requirements.  

To opt-out of our advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns please email us at  

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